23 May 2017 / Innovation

If a picture is worth a thousand words… then wait ‘till you see our new video!

When lightweighting new parts is a key design requirement, our customers know that they can rely on MMI Technyl® Design as an effective way to model and test mechanical, dimensional stability, and thermal aspects. Predictive material simulation with MMI Technyl® Design is more flexible, faster, and nearly equivalent to physical testing at a fraction of the cost.

We have prepared a new video to highlight the benefits and uniqueness of this tool. After all, we’re all working together to reduce CO2emissions for a sustainable world, right? With advanced models based on physics, and 10 years of data on polyamide reactions to countless conditions, this solution helps lead projects in the right direction.

When time-to-market, cost, and performance are important factors for new parts, make sure MMI Technyl® Design on the road-map. Watch the video to see why.