05 Jan 2017

Imagine the automotive of tomorrow with Technyl®

Consumers and Governments are putting more and more pressure on car manufacturers to reduce drastically vehicle’s environmental footprint, including  CO2 gas emissions, in the coming years. This has led to an increase of the ‘green’ transportation modes featuring more sustainable solutions. Indeed, OEMs are reshaping electric-powered drivetrains for hybrid and electric cars to shift vehicle design away from the use of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases. This is what we call electro-mobility (e-mobility) which includes full electric vehicles, as well as Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) and cars integrating hydrogen fuel cell and range extender technologies. 

Always at the forefront of the innovation, Solvay anticipates these Automotive industry Mega trends to support its customers in the new challenges and opportunities they are facing. Recently set up, a team dedicated to ‘e-mobility’ is in charge to develop and share its expertise on new and future requirements, applications and regulations that will rule the automotive market in the future. Working closely with customers, our specialists are  developing the ‘next generation’ of cars’ applications  – such as sensors, plugs, connectors and battery components – to improve their efficiency and performance.  

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