30 Jul 2018 / 3D Printing

Leading Japanese 3D Printing company favours Sinterline® PA6 Powder

Aspect – a leading Japanese manufacturer and seller of Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) machines, materials and solutions – picked Technyl® to leverage the unique Sinterline® Polyamide 6 (PA6) powder solution. Sinterline® team was invited to Aspect Tech seminar on 3D printing technologies from June 20-22, to present the scale and strength of its innovative solution.

3D printing technologies have revolutionized manufacturing – unleashing new opportunities and possibilities across several industries. Sinterline® is the first PA6 powder designed for SLS-based printing processes. This solution yields significantly better mechanical and thermal performance compared with other available options. It not only enables compelling prototype production of 3D-printed parts, but also facilitates functional prototyping by allowing several different design options to be processes in one batch. Moreover, it makes the process of injection molding much less costly and less time consuming.

With its strong performance attributes and solid industry-applicability, Sinterline® has become the preferred material for many automotive part manufacturers. Its superior performance, good processability and high productivity makes it an obvious choice for industries and application that rely on 3D printing. Aspect has been using Sinterline® to design prototypes for its customers in the automotive industry, meeting the high-standards of performance requirements and reliability.

Technyl® team continues to innovate solutions that are relevant for the industries and meet the ever-increasing performance expectations. Appreciating the outstanding features of Sinterline®, Aspect said the higher heat-aging grade enabled them to deliver superior performance products its customers need.