Consumer electronics

Industry electronics

Driven by increasingly sophisticated consumer demands, smart devices, computers, and media equipment makers not only need to meet strict flammability regulations, but they also face the challenges of further miniaturization and long-lasting surface aesthetics for their product development.  

The Technyl® polyamide range from Domo Engineered Materials is particularly well-suited for a wide range of consumer electronics applications, including connectors, power units, and many other electrical parts.   Technyl® polyamides support complex formulations that combine flame retardancy, excellent flowability, and low migration to achieve the desired safety, strength, surface, and molding requirements.  

For example, formulation can specifically address the challenge of thinner thickness faced by most connector makers supplying the consumer electronics industry.   

For some structural parts in electronic products, Technyl® polyamide offers an ideal balance between mechanical properties, dimensional stability, aesthetic requirements, and flammability performance, notably when compared to metal materials.    

A new halogen-free flame retardant PA6.6 grade saves maintenance costs for manufacturing equipment by reducing injection machine corrosion during processing. This also increases molder productivity and helps makers stay competitive in fast-growing markets.