01 Nov 2014

Michelin Challenge Bibendum

As a Corporate Founding Member of Challenge Bibendum, Solvay takes an active part in the expert debates and sharing of ideas and experiences centered on the topic of Sustainable Mobility. 

Solvay will showcase featured products in its main four areas of expertise:

  • Lightweighting – sophisticated polymers such as Technyl®, Solef®, Radel®, reduce the weight of a vehicle’s parts or components.
  • Electrification – solutions like LiTFSi salts and Solef®PVDF increase the life and performance of Li-Ion batteries in electrical vehicles.  
  • Powertrain efficiency – Optalys®, Actalys® and other rare-earth based and mixed oxides formulations boost performance of automotive catalytic converters, minimizing CO2 emissions.  
  • Green & clean technologies – the Zeosil® range of highly dispersible silica reduces the rolling resistance of tires, thereby lowering fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 7%. 

Visitors to the summit can test-ride a “Bud-e” electrical foldable scooter, made with integrated 3-D printed components from Solvay’s Sinterline™ Technyl®powders. The urban scooter was built in partnership with French start-up company Kleefer. 

Exemplary for Solvay’s role in sustainable mobility is Solar Impulse, the airplane that flies day and night on the sun’s energy with 6,000 innovative Solvay products on board. During its world tour next year, the Solar Impulse 2 will stop over in China, spearhead of Solvay’s growth in the Asia-Pacific region.