07 Apr 2015

Plastindia 2015: Solvay Engineering Plastics offers Innovative Technyl® Solutions for Automotive Applications

Technyl® for Metal-Replacing Semi-Structural and Thermal Management Components Speeding the Time-to-Market with Glass-Filled Sinterline® Powders for 3D Printing
GANDHINAGAR, (Gujarat) India,Feb. 5, 2015 – At the 9th Plastindia Plastics Exhibition & Conference from February 5 to 10 at Gandhinagar (Gujarat), Solvay Engineering Plastics will highlight its comprehensive range of Technyl® polyamide solutions for innovative automotive applications.
“India has one of the world’s largest and fastest growing automotive industries that also serves a strong domestic segment of two-wheelers and has made the country one of Asia’s four leading automotive export nations,” says Jitender Bharihoke, India Commercial Director Solvay Engineering Plastics. “We are determined to support our Indian customers  in winning and  expanding  their shares in this vast market with inovative  high-performance materials, focused particularly on fuel, weight and cost saving metal replacement as well as thermal management and overall sustainability.”
The materials’ wide design window and high flowability allow complex, integrated components with weight savings of up to 40% compared to aluminum for semi-structural applications such as engine and transmission mounts. The consolidation of numerous metal parts to one single plastic module also offers substantial tooling cost savings. Moreover, a recent life cycle analysis by Solvay has revealed that using Technyl® materials can make a significant contribution to reducing the overall environmental footprint of applications.
A complete range of turbo system grades provides resistance to operating temperatures above 200°C,as required for turbo intercoolers and air ducts. Special hydrolysis resistant thermal management grades are widely used for radiator tanks,thermostat housings and oil modules.
Solvay’s extensive laboratory and testing  facilities are available for customer application development support, which extends from preliminary material selection and design simulation to prototyping and part validation of in-use performance. Didier Chomier, Business Development and Technical Director India for Solvay Engineering Plastics added, “Our Technyl® materials offering is backed by two production lines here in Panoli, three centralwarehouses and a dedicated  Research and Innovation Centre at Savli (Gujarat) that partners with MaharajaSayajirao University in nearby Vadodara for research in polymer science.”
In 2014,Solvay introduced the industry’s first glass-filled Technyl® Sinterline® powder for 3D printing. Sinterline is an ideal solution in functional prototype testing, minimizing the need for pre-production tooling and thus helping  to speed the way from design to market. The technology meets a growing demand for higher-performance rapid prototyping, with a focus on automotive under-the-hood components.