Sinterline® Technyl® Polyamide Powders

Sinterline® Technyl® Powders

Optimal 3D printing material from the Technyl® 

Sinterline® Technyl® Powders are the first polyamide 6 powder range designed for selective laser sintering (SLS). This solution yields the mechanical and thermal performance required to make 3D parts printing a compelling option for prototyping and low to medium volume production. 

Main benefits

  • Durable parts: similar to injected PA6 GF 20 with high mechanical and thermal resistance
  • Enhances 3D printing and SLS with strong mechanical and thermal performance
  • Sinterline® offers properties similar to serial compound material to achieve performance nearly at injection levels.
  • Reinforced Sinterline® grades enable functional parts to be created rapidly, integrating more robust mechanical and thermal properties than other available options. This reduces the need for pre-production tooling and helps bring new parts to market faster.
  • Sinterline® Technyl® Powders are well-suited for many applications, notably in automotive, appliances, sporting goods, plumbing, transportation, construction, and electrical markets.

Key features

  • Strong thermal, mechanical, and chemical resistance
  • Several grades available to match your specifications
  • Dimensional stability
  • Excellent surface aspect
  • Flowability and particle size distribution for efficient sintering

Tailor made support to meet your exact needs

Global customer support services are available for all Technyl® products. Domo’s technical development and service centers will help you design the exact solution you need to respect your product requirements, cost constraints, and production considerations. 

Apply it to your market!

  • Automotive: Oil modules, oil pans, cylinder heads covers, cooling pipes, air ducts, charge air coolers, air intake manifolds, radiator end-tanks
  • Transportation: Motor bike & bycicle parts, boat engine modules, agricultural machinery, engine parts
  • Sporting Goods: Jet ski applications, snowboard & ski bindings, cycling shoe soles
  • Appliances: Pumps, pipes, quick-connectors
  • Construction: Miniature circuit breakers (MCB), electrical connectors
  • Plumbing: Water pumps, water connectors