Technyl® ONE Fire Safe Polymers

Technyl® ONE

Advanced electrical protection with Technyl®

Technyl® ONE is high performance polymer that is particularly well adapted for use in a wide range of products, from electrical protection to power management equipment. Available in a full range of grades to meet specific requirements, Technyl® ONE enables manufacturers to provide quality goods while respecting critical cost, performance and safety criteria.

Main benefits of Technyl® ONE

  • Class-leading fire protection and electrical performance
  • High mechanical strength
  • Low moisture absorption and high dimensional stability
  • Reduced production cost 



Advanced plastics for today’s demanding needs

Technyl® ONE helps manufacturers push the limits of miniaturization in the industry, such as for electrical protection products, including mini circuit breakers, heavier-duty molded case circuit breakers, and contactors. With its wide processing window, accurate filling, and good surface aspect, Technyl® ONE provides robust results without any drawbacks for tools and injection molding machines.


Optimized for power control equipment

Offering a more effective solution than standard PA66, Technyl® ONE feature a patented polymer technology that yields unparalleled electrical performance with a composition that reduces tool corrosion and simplifies processing. Technyl® ONE meets production challenges by providing high flowability to reduce product wall thickness, along with UL-tested performance for electrical applications.

Key features

  • Reduced corrosion of tools and injection molding machines 
  • Halogen-free flame retardant, non-flame retardant, and heat stabilized grades 
  • Unmatched thermal aging properties 
  • Full color sampling  

Tailor made support to meet your exact needs

Global customer support services are available for all. Domo’s technical development and service centers will help you design the exact solution you need to respect your product requirements, cost constraints, and production considerations.