A comprehensive and tailor-made service offer

Solvay Engineering Plastics proposes a flexible product and service offer to customers, from global and reliable supply of Technyl® materials to customized advanced support:

1. Preliminary materials selection
Our customer technical service assists you in the pre-study of your new designs and concepts, offering its expertise to best meet the specific requirements of your products.

2. Design simulation
Our Technyl Application Center teams elaborate the best adapted solution for your project, leveraging topological optimization, design expertise, cost-efficiency and predictive simulation.

3. Prototyping
Our Technyl Innovation Center offers expertise in transformation processes for injection, blow-molding and extrusion with advanced design capabilities.

4. Part testing
Our application laboratories perform a series of tests to validate performance with respect to your needs.

5. Certification
Our technical teams share experience and expertise to help you obtain the best material certifications. Solvay Engineering Plastics offers UL-certified in-house testing.

6. Customer support
By providing local support and leveraging a global network around the world, our experts help all customers meet their own specific requirements.