13 Sep 2018 / Innovation

TechnylⓇ Drives Material Innovations in Suspension Systems for Vehicle Lightweighting

Backed by incentive policies towards new energy vehicles (NEVs) at a national and local level, the advancement of cell technologies, and continuous advances in charging facilities, the NEV industry in China has been put on a fast track towards rapid growth.

Motors in NEVs have different requirements for suspensions, compared with traditional fuel engines. One of the biggest challenges is posed by torque limit: how to ensure excellent vibration isolation performance while keeping the displacement of powertrain under high torque within a reasonable range.

Technyl® is leveraging its expertise and experience in the application of lightweight materials for traditional internal combustion engines (ICEs) to promote lightweight materials and technologies for motor suspension systems. The materials are designed to provide stronger torque and better vibration isolation performance, while reducing the car’s weight and manufacturing costs.

By pooling its strengths in computer-aided simulation design and component verification, Technyl® is undertaking projects to replace metal with plastics for suspension systems in electric motors and combustion engines in collaboration with major domestic OEMs and component suppliers. This is how Technyl® explores new ways to reduce the weight of vehicles.

Moreover, Technyl® has also stepped up its efforts to help traditional auto makers comply with ever tougher regulations concerning fuel efficiency and emission control. At the recent 4th IALTA New Energy Auto Lightweight Technology (China) Innovative Summit 2018, Technyl® was granted “Auto Lightweight Technology Innovation Award” for its leading innovative technology in the suspension system of traditional fuel engines.

This award is not only a recognition of Technyl®’s work in developing lightweight materials and technology, but also an acknowledgment of Technyl®’s contributions to vehicle weight reduction through its innovative suspension systems. In the future, Technyl® will continue to help Chinese automotive OEMs and component manufacturers shift to metal substitutions.